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3 Things To Know About Moving to Livingston, MT

August 19, 2021

Livingston, Montana is much more than a town 30 minutes away from Bozeman. It’s a rich community full of history and culture. Located at the base of the Paradise Valley, Livingston is surrounded by gorgeous mountain landscapes and offers endless options for those looking for outdoor adventure. With a population of under 8,000, Livingston has the diversity and amenities of a large city with the charm of a rural town.

Livingston is a great option for those looking to live in a smaller community or live within a short commute to Bozeman. If you are moving to Livingston, MT, we’ve listed the top three reasons why Livingston is a hidden Montana gem.

Affordable Housing

The real estate market in Livingston is steadily growing, with the community seeing a new surge in construction. However, even with the building boom, houses in Livingston, Montana are priced lower than houses in Bozeman and Big Sky. Recent construction has brought in a new wave of brand new single-family homes, townhomes, and condos, all at comparatively lower prices than cities near Livingston.

A first-time home buyer in Montana may find what they are looking for in Livingston, since the average house is currently priced at around $380,000. As a reference, the average price of a house in Bozeman is around $600,000. There are a variety of housing options to fit your preferences, and some of the condos in Livingston start at as low as $190,000.

If you and your family are moving to Livingston, MT, working with real estate agents you can trust is important to make sure your best interests are kept in mind. Call GoPrime Mortgage today to connect with a Montana mortgage broker company that will help you make the best financial decisions for your budget.

Unique Community

You can’t beat the tight-knit community of Livingston. The residents of Livingston include an eclectic mix of farmers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and artists. This diversity opens up many opportunities for newcomers to feel at home and find activities to participate in. From rodeos to art walks to tours of historical buildings, the engagement possibilities are endless.

As a hub of tourism, there is never a drain on things to do in Livingston, MT. Livingston has a one-of-a-kind, downtown scene overflowing with restaurants, art galleries, and breweries. The literary scene is hopping, as well, with several bookstores and publishing companies located in Livingston. In fact, Livingston and its surrounding area have more professional writers per capita than other cities where you would expect to find authorial giants, like San Francisco or New York City.

Also, get ready for some celebrity spotting if you are moving to Livingston, MT.  Livingston has been known to attract celebrities, with many Hollywood A-listers moving to the Paradise Valley and frequenting the Livingston music scene. It isn’t uncommon for John Mayers to play impromptu shows at the Murray. Actor Jeff Bridges owns a cabin in Livingston, which was featured in the movie “Heaven’s Gate.”

Access to Outdoor Activities

As a hub of tourism, there is never a lack of things to do in Livingston, MT, especially outdoor activities. Residents can enjoy easy access to golfing, horseback trail rides, and disc golf. Livingston is right next to the Yellowstone River, so locals can enjoy water activities like kayaking, river floats, and fishing.

Livingston is just north of Paradise Valley, an incredible landscape full of scenic beauty, fly fishing accesses, and hiking trails. To the east of Livingston, the Absaroka Mountains have a wide range of hikes for all levels, from smooth walks to picnic meadows to towering paths to alpine lakes.

Yellowstone National Park is about an hour’s drive from Livingston. Families can easily take a weekend trip down to the park so they can enjoy seeing Old Faithful during the day and stay the night at the renowned Old Faithful Inn.

Those moving to Livingston, MT need to know wintertime in Montana means it’s time for outdoor winter activities. If you are new to Montana in the winter, get ready to strap on your skis, hop aboard a snowmobile, and enjoy the snowy peaks that make Montana famous.

Finding the best home and location is one of the most important decisions you will make. This can seem like a daunting process, especially if you are a new homeowner. At Prime Mortgage Lending, Bozeman, we’re here to help walk you through the process of buying a home so you feel confident in your financial decisions. From refinancing options to conventional loans, GoPrime Mortgage has your back. Contact us today to find out more about Livingston home loans and more.

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