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Should We Be Worried?

Several developments are converging on the global economy and financial markets at the moment. Each brings its own causes for concern. Together, they bring a significant increase in volatility. Should we be worried about Omicron? Answering such questions is beyond the...

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Winter is Coming, But That’s Good For Rates

Winter is coming, both literally and figuratively. While the fallout remains to be seen, financial markets are already reacting. In the literal sense, colder ambient temperatures are generally correlated with increased covid case counts.  The following chart shows per...

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Don’t Fear The Taper

For anyone following interest rates very closely in 2013, the taper tantrum is not easily forgotten. It describes the bond market's knee-jerk response to the realization that the Federal Reserve would be winding down its bond purchase program. With the Fed almost...

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Are Rates Doomed to Continue Higher?

After a calm summer at historic lows, interest rate volatility has ramped up heading into the fall. What are rates worried about, and is this just the beginning of more drama? In a word: maybe!  Because they're based on bonds, rates are always worried about anything...

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