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Is The Fed Going to Kill The Economy?

January has been a month marked by the market's adjustment to a shift in the Fed policy outlook.  This began right at the outset and resulted in higher rates and lower stock prices.   Why? Last week's newsletter goes into great detail on the matter.  Revisit it HERE....

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Highest Mortgage Rates in Nearly 2 Years

Seemingly overnight, the mortgage rate narrative has changed rather drastically, at least in relative terms. While rates had risen gradually from near-all-time lows in August, they were still in a historically low range by the end of December. A week later and we're...

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Introducing The “Not So Fast” Line

Sure, we could write a headline that attempts to distill the concept of a big picture struggle between the forces exerting upward pressure on rates and those stepping in to push back in the other direction. Or we could just introduce the "not so fast" line, and let a...

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