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Higher Stocks and Lower Rates. Who’s Lying?

Low-interest rates have been one of 2020's most pleasant surprises.  Heading into the end of 2019, there were more than a few reasons to worry that rates would be moving steadily higher this year.  The upside is that they would at least be starting that journey near...

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Lowest Mortgage Rates Since 2016

By Friday of last week, it was clear that the coronavirus outbreak was having a significant impact on markets with stocks and bond yields (aka interest rates) both moving lower. Those same themes intensified this week, ultimately paving the way for the lowest mortgage...

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How Coronavirus is Helping Housing

Although there were a few caveats, last week saw one of the biggest jumps in new home construction in more than decade.  Now this week's data shows existing home sales at their highest in nearly 2 years, and close to highest in more than a decade. Is housing starting...

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