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Mortgage Tools and Resources for Buyers in Montana

February 11, 2022

Taking out a mortgage can feel like a big leap, especially if it is your first time buying property in Montana. Your hard-earned money is at stake, so you want to make the best choices for your finances and future. That’s where we come in. At GoPrime Mortgage Lending, we want to support you with the mortgage tools and resources you need to make informed decisions. If you’re considering buying a home in Montana, we’ve got tools to help prequalify you for a mortgage, and we have the resources to guide you at every stage of the process.

GoPrime Montana Mortgage Tools

Mortgage Calculators

To prequalify for a mortgage loan, you will need to know how much money you have for a down payment and what your desired mortgage amount is. A mortgage calculator can help you understand the maximum home loan you can afford based on your financial circumstances. With our mortgage calculator, you can adjust your income, term of the mortgage, and recurring monthly debts to calculate your maximum loan amount. Not only is our mortgage calculator Montana-specific—meaning it takes into account the average Montana real estate taxes into its calculations—it helps you understand the maximum home purchase price you can afford.

Refinance Calculator

If you have already taken out a mortgage on your home and are looking to refinance, try out our refinance calculator. This calculator evaluates your current loan terms alongside new interest rates to show what you could save with a lower rate. You can adjust the years paid, your current interest rate, and the new interest rate to your circumstances and judge which interest rate fits your finances better.

Rent to Mortgage Calculator

If you are currently renting in Montana and looking to see how much home you can afford with your monthly rent payments, our rent to mortgage calculator would be your best choice. This calculator lets you input your monthly rent, loan interest rate, and down payment amount to determine your approximate max purchase price. You can also find out what your income should be to qualify for a mortgage loan.

GoPrime Mortgage’s FAQs

We’ve been helping Montana home buyers for years, so we’ve heard and answered a wide range of questions from people at every stage of the home-buying process. To share our years of knowledge with everyone, we compiled a page of frequently asked questions. Whether you want to learn more about how to apply for a mortgage or whether you should rent or buy, our FAQs are here to help you make the best financial decisions.

Speak to a Lending Pro

GoPrime’s mortgage planners have years of training and know-how in Montana mortgages and home buying. Our professional experience and expertise are the best mortgage tools around. Not only do we know the process of buying a home inside and out, but we take the time to understand your situation. That way we can find the most appropriate mortgage lending program to fit your needs.

If you are investigating Montana home loans and want expert support on your side, reach out to our lending pros at 406-624-6330.

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