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The Importance of the Pre-approval Process

August 18, 2014

Found a home? Ready to pack your bags and move in? Time to make an offer? Not until you find out what you are prequalified to purchase. In our current hot market, its tempting to get a bit ahead of yourself and go out looking at houses right away. But until you find out what you qualify for, it may be a waste of everyone’s time. So save yourself the anxiety and get prequalified before you find your dream house. Typically the prequalificationl process will be fast and easy. All we need is your income documentation and credit and we can tell you the best program to fit your needs.

Here’s a quick list of items to bring along:

  1. Two most recent paystubs
  2. W2’s for the past two years
  3. Two years of tax returns, all pages, all schedules
  4. Sources of your downpayment

With this information, we can get your application put together and get you prepared to make that first offer!


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