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GoPrime Bozeman’s Top Three Food Trucks

July 18, 2023

Bozeman has many great restaurant options, and the food truck scene is quickly catching up. The food truck “parks” on North 7th Ave are a perfect example of this spreading sensation. There are about six food trucks to choose from just on North 7th Ave alone. These are great options if you would prefer to eat outside on a beautiful summer day. The local brick and mortars book up quickly, and sometimes you just need a break from crunching numbers. If that sounds like you, consider checking out some of the GoPrime Bozeman team’s favorite food truck stops below:


El Rodeo Taco Truck
El Rodeo could better be described as a food bus, but however you define it this spot is a Bozeman classic. Located at 509 North 7th Ave, you’ll find an extensive variety of Mexican staples on their menu. Although it’s all delicious, our team recommends you absolutely try the tacos; the al pastor and carnitas tacos top our list here. No taco meal is complete without rice and beans, and El Rodeo serves up generous portions of these favorite sides. Before you leave, don’t forget to try their salsa verde if you’re feeling spicy!


Low-Key Sandwiches
Located off Oak Street in the Kenyon Noble parking lot, we think this food truck is one of the best-priced options in town. They tout their cuisine as ‘global sandwiches made with local ingredients’. They season their fries to perfection, and you can tell each sandwich is lovingly made for each order. The GoPrime Bozeman team’s favorite sandwich is the Hot Pastrami. If you’re running late in the morning (or not!), they also offer delicious breakfast options for under $10!


Bozeman Mountain Berry Bowls
Let’s face it – there is an abundance of heavy food options among Bozeman’s food trucks. When you’re looking for something lighter (but still delicious!), this acai bowl food truck should be on your list. This unique truck alternates between the Ashley Homestore, Bob Wards/Target, and Belgrade Softball Complex parking lots just a few blocks away from downtown. Our favorite choice on the menu is the Hyalite (of my day!), which is loaded with fresh mango and chia seeds on top. We swear this chart-topper is not there just because of that excellent pun!

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