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Relocating – Steps for Success

June 20, 2023
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Ready to Relocate?

how to relocate your home

According to aggregated data, the average American family moves about every five years. Some reasons for moving include growing families, moving closer to their parents, or searching for a simple change of scenery. However, there is a difference between moving and relocating.

A typical move stays closer to their original home, whereas a relocation typically finds homebuyers moving out of state or to an unfamiliar area. Securing a new job in a different region, choosing to live in a more suitable climate, or changing relationship status are all justifications for relocating.

We have compiled a list of helpful tips to consider if you relocate.


Build a Trustworthy and Reliable Team for Relocating 


An often-overlooked important part of the relocation and moving process is to remember that this is not a solo adventure – that is why building a team of professionals to help guide you on your journey is essential.

Real Estate Agent

Finding a great agent to work with is a priority, as they will not only help you search for a home but also help negotiate prices and keep your best interests at heart. Be sure to learn the different types of agents you can work with, how to find a real estate agent in the area you are relocating to that you can trust, and prepare questions to ask potential real estate agent partners before partnering. Also, consider joining Facebook groups in the area you’re moving to so you can ask for recommendations.

Local Loan Officer

GoPrime Montana has experienced and professional Montana loan officers located nationwide, and we pride ourselves on providing personalized service to everyone we work with. Choosing to work with a local lender gives you the opportunity for unique insights into the neighborhood and community.


Do’s and Don’ts When Shopping for a Home When Relocating


At GoPrime Montana, we want to help ensure your home purchase during relocation goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. There are a few steps involved in finding a new home to suit your needs, like touring homes and open houses and researching the market and area you are interested in. According to Zillow, 59% of home buyers attend an open house during their shopping process, and 43% say it is essential to determine if the home is right for them.

Attend Open Houses

Attending an open house is a great way to experience the house’s layout, drive around the neighborhood, scope out the bedrooms and bathrooms and begin imagining your life there. You can find open houses through your agent, search the multiple listing service (MLS), or just by driving around a desired area and looking for signs.

Before going to an open house, ensure you have received pre-approval from your lender to clearly understand your budget. Look for homes that meet your necessary criteria and consider what your “must-haves” are compared to your “nice-to-haves.”

Don’t judge the home by the owner’s taste in decor. Instead, focus on the house’s bones when relocating – it’s easy to repaint a wall or choose furniture that fits your preferences.

Open every door; this is a chance to see the home up close. Scope out the closets, the basement, and other storage spaces. This may also help you to see any damage the seller is trying to hide, such as cracks or water damage.

Ask questions. What are possible HOA restrictions? Have there been any recent renovations or repairs? This is a great time to ask the present listing agent questions not addressed in a property listing.

Research the Market

To get the most out of attending open houses when relocating, it is a good idea to research the market beforehand. This helps you understand the area and how your taxes compare to other regions.

Look into what other comparable houses are selling for in the area you intend to relocate. If homes sell well over the list price, keep that in mind as you search.

Use multiple sources when researching so you can gather unbiased information. Look at local newspapers, community websites, investment clubs, and social media to be sure you’re getting the whole picture.

Determine What is Right for You


Home Specifications

Structure and style are two main parameters when classifying a home type. The system implies the kind of building, like a condo, townhouse, or single-family home. The class refers to architectural features and designs, like Craftsman or contemporary. Landing your dream home when relocating can be difficult, so identify what home type fits your needs before starting the search.


The neighborhood of your new home does matter, as it can play a significant role in your happiness living there after relocating and its appreciation as an investment. Consider your lifestyle and preferences, what school district it falls into, the property taxes, the neighborhood, surrounding areas, and any future zoning and infrastructure.

Loan types

GoPrime offers many mortgage programs tailored to assist you on your road home. We provide personal, individualized support to be sure we find the right loan for you. When you purchase a home, you invest in your future while choosing a place to grow, thrive, and make memories. Your local loan officer will discuss options such as FHA loans, VA loans, USDA loans, Conventional loans, and several other programs we can implement to assist you in getting settled in your home when relocating.


There are many factors to consider when looking to relocate. Make sure you do your due diligence to arm yourself with all the information and education before starting the house hunt. When you’re ready, find your local Montana loan officer and reach out to get moving on your road home!

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