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Consumers See Positive Housing Trends Heading Into Selling Season

April 7, 2014
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Prospective homeowners are increasingly more optimistic, with 38% of respondents to Fannie Mae’s March 2014 National Housing Survey saying it is a good time to sell a home, compared to 26% a year ago.

Similarly, the number of people who believe it would be easy to get a mortgage today increased to 52%, from 47% a year ago, which Fannie notes ties the survey’s all-time high.

Personal finance attitudes also have improved, too, as only 12% of the survey participants expect their financial situation to worsen during the next 12 months—a significant drop from 21% last year. Meanwhile, the number of people who say their personal financial situation improved in 2013 “reached an all-time survey high of 40%.”

Despite a recent month-to-month volatility that has softened the ongoing housing market recovery, the survey finds most of the survey indicators on consumer attitudes continuing to follow a positive trend that started in 2013 and “may portend a pickup in home buying and selling activity this spring.”

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